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GovTogether is about shifting POWER to the PEOPLE so that they may vote DIRECTLY on legislation through their elected representatives. We are building a web-based utility that will leverage the internet and social media to allow for crowdsourcing legislation. By 2012 we aim to have at least one newly elected U.S. Congressman utilizing this new system.

But first, we need you, the people, to decide if you want the power to self-legislate. So vote below and help ensure everyone has a say in this decision by spreading this coming soon campaign. You can help shape this new system by sharing your thoughts, concerns and ideas below.

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About Us

GovTogether aims specifically to enable citizens in a voting district to propose, deliberate and vote directly on legislation. This will be accomplished in large part via a web-based utility where registered users can communicate amongst themselves, with their GovTogether elected representatives, and vote. The utility will serve as the central feature of a multi-faceted system (e.g., local walk-in centers, direct mailings, televoting, text message alerts and smart-phone applications) that we envision enabling all citizens to participate equally and meaningfully.

Communities inclined to adopt this system will elect legislators (on the federal, state, and local levels) - who are voted into office on the pledge to abide by this system - to legislate on issues in direct accordance with the majority vote of the people in the elected official's district.

Our fundamental goal is to make representative government more representative. We believe the best way to accomplish this is by empowering the general public (giving them a direct vote on legislation), thereby incentivizing and increasing their participation in American governance. If done properly, opening up legislation to the crowd will result in legislation that is more intelligent and more representative of the wants and needs of the people, thus bringing us closer to the ideals this country was founded on - that we are all equal and thus should all have an equal say in creating the laws we are subject to.


The goal of this coming soon page is to vet the concept publicly, assess how much interest and support there is, and to let people in on the ground floor from day one so everyone can influence the development of GovTogether.

Learn more and participate by checking out our FAQs and following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Quora.


Vote, and tell others about this page so that a large cross-section of America can come together to decide if the people should have more say. With the people behind us we can begin building the system in time for a shot at getting a Congressional candidate on the ballot for the 2012 election.

Learn more and participate by checking out our FAQs and following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Quora.


Email us at contact@govtogether.com if you would like to get more involved or for any other reason.

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